Class Five: A Daily Affair

Download in Microsoft Word .doc format.


  • To understand the decision making process in a marriage.
  • To discuss the role of each spouse in the decision making process.
  • To identify the amount of time available for relationships.
  • To recognize principles for establishing healthy in-law relationships.
  • To review successful marriages.


  • Computer and projector for power point presentation
  • Yes/No Activity Signs for each individual
  • Copies of:
    • Marriage…A Daily Affair Class Notes
    • What Do You Think?
    • Slices of Time
    • Married and Loving It Post-test
    • Evaluation Form
  • Nametags and Pencils
  • Attendance Roster


Review homework – The Ten step Procedure for Resolving Conflict: Start with a minor issue in your relationship you have not been able to resolve and use the ten-step model to work toward resolution.

Lecture: Use PowerPoint slides 1-10

Handout: “What Do You Think?”

Lecture: Use PowerPoint slides 11-13

Lecture: Use PowerPoint slides 14-17

Handout: “ Slices of Time”

Lecture: Use PowerPoint slides 18-36

Evaluation: Distribute post test and evaluation

Conclusion: Use PowerPoint slides 37 – 38 to recap the program and encourage the participants to be “Married and Loving It”

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