Class Four: Conflict Resolution

Download in Microsoft Word .doc format.


  • To identify different ways anger is managed.
  • To discuss issues that cause conflict within a marriage.
  • To demonstrate ways to say no.
  • To implement a procedure for resolving conflict.


  • Computer and projector for PowerPoint presentation
  • Newspaper articles of examples of situations involving conflict.
  • Copies of:
    • Conflict: For Better or For Worse Class Notes
    • Ten Step Procedure for Resolving Conflict
  • Nametags and Pencils
  • Attendance Roster


Review homework – What situations did they encounter this past week and what was the source of anger?

Lecture: Use slide 1-18

Couple/Group activity: Distribute newspaper articles to each couple or small group and ask the participants to identify the conflict and how it was resolved.

Lecture: Use slides 19-33

Conclusions: Distribute copies of the “Ten Step Procedure for Resolving Conflict” and make assignment for next week.

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