Class Three: Madly in Love

Download in Microsoft Word .doc format.


  • To identify the potential destruction that results from anger.
  • To understand sources or root causes of anger.
  • To recognize the sources of anger in different situations.


  • Computer and Projector
  • Copies of:
    • Madly in Love Class Notes
    • What Does Your Anger Look Like?
    • “Other People’s Problems”
  • Nametags and Pencils
  • Attendance Roster


Review homework – What did they decide to do with $500 to strengthen their relationship?

Lecture: Use PowerPoint slides 1-7

Hand out “What Does Your Anger Look Like?”

Lecture: Use slide 8-10

Lecture: Slides 11-15

Small Group Discussion: Break into small groups to discuss the handout “Other People’s Problems”. After they have had sufficient time to identify the sources of anger in each situation, discuss it as a whole group.

Conclusion: Explain assignment to identify sources of anger in situations they observe during the next week on television, at the movies, or with the “neighbors”.

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