Class Two: Finances, Freedom or Fiasco?

Download in Microsoft Word .doc format.


  • To identify tools used in establishing a sound financial action plan.
  • To discuss financial issues unique to married couples.
  • To participate in establishing a financial plan for a couple.


  • Computer and projector for power point presentation
  • Copies of:
    • Finances: Freedom or Fiasco? Class Notes
    • Getting to Know You (for any newcomers)
    • Cash Flow
    • The impact of time value of money at 9% interest
    • Fine Tune Your Spending Plan
    • Financial Do’s and Don’ts for Married Couples
    • Fake $500 bill
  • Bean Game (one for every couple or one for every group)
  • A credit card that has been frozen in
    water in a transparent container.
  • A credit card and a pair of scissors.
  • Small sticky notes and a $1 bill.
  • Nametags and Pencils
  • Attendance roster


Review homework – determining their love languages

Words of affirmation
Quality time
Receiving gifts
Acts of service
Physical touch

Small Groups Discussion: Divide back into small groups and have each group discuss:

What is the love language of my spouse?

What specifically will I do during the next week to communicate my love to my spouse, using their love language?

After groups have had sufficient time to discuss, one member from each group reports their findings to the entire class.

Lecture: Use PowerPoint slides 1 – 18 and lecture notes provided.

Play the Bean Game: Instructions can be found in the lecture notes.

Lecture: Use slides 19 – 23

Conclusion: Distribute fake $500 bills and encourage couples to dream individually about how they would use this money to build, strengthen, or enhance their relationship and then share that dream with their spouse.

Display the word list slide.

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