Class One: Communication

Download in Microsoft Word .doc format.


  • Identify the importance of communication in marriage.
  • Understand specific communication skills.
  • Plan activities for improving communication.


  • Computer and projector for power point presentation

Copies of:

  • Pre-test
  • Getting to Know You
  • Communication Class Notes
  • Nametags and Pencils
  • Attendance roster
  • Block activity -One 30 piece package of Mega Bloks. (These are the plastic multicolored blocks for children ages 1-5.)
  • Two tables large enough to build two towers with the blocks.
  • Six “volunteers” and a timer.
  • Large clear punch bowl
  • An envelope containing 5 small pieces of paper 1” by 3”, each a different color. This is to be used during the love languages part of the class.
  • Water Activity:
    ●1 large clear empty bowl
    ●1 large clear measuring cup


As class arrives: The participants will complete the Getting to Know You handout and will receive their nametag.

The instructor will begin the class by welcoming all participants, introducing himself/herself, and highlighting the fact that we are all here to learn together about the positive aspects of marriage.

Pretest: The instructor will then explain why we use pretests and will reassure the participants that they will not be given a letter grade on the completion of this course. The participants will be reminded not to put their names of the test. Their birth date is what is used to track the results. The instructor will pass out the pretest and collect them when the participants are finished.

Lecture: Use PowerPoint slides 2 – 18 and lecture notes provided.

Small Group Discussion: Divide participants into groups of 3 or 4, women with women, men with men. In their small group they need to introduce themselves and answer the following questions:

  • How did you find out about Married and Loving It?
  • What do you want to learn from Married and Loving It?

After groups have had sufficient time to discuss, one member from each group reports their findings to the entire class.

Lecture: Continue with information in slides 19-25.

Conclusion: Tell the story from slide 26 and 27. Give assignment for them to discuss before next week and then show slide 29.

Ask if there are any questions and then put up the word list slides for those who may have missed some of the words.

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